fa 332

Project 4:

Dog Days in the Studio is a short film regarding a man working with someone else in his studio or so he thought. My partner and I wanted to create a short film within the realm of a studio environment whether it be a film about making a film or along those lines. When beginning to film we had the idea to be setting up the studio ‘alone’. Our main focus was to have good flighting and fluid transitions while having a simple story with a dynamic twist at the ending. The film can be found embedded below. As for the short film poster above we wanted to keep it simple while fitting the film well. Color matching the poster to the back drop as well as the beach ball in both the film and poster. The simple poster compliments the easy going feeling of our film.

Project 3:
Project 2:

This project presented the idea of creating a surreal world with anything in it. I wanted to make something that had a play with fantasy and some sort of adventure.

The man walking in snow is a picture of a friend that I had taken on a frozen lake in Idaho. So that was my starting point, I then placed him into an uphill climb on a snowy mountain. Then had the idea to add a castle and dragon as if it were a scene from Skyrim.

The dragon is a main addition to this piece, with it having eggs on the side of the hill as well as an aggressive front flying near the castle with fire coming out.

Project 1:

This piece was created for the project, Mind Space: Vector Illustration. With inspirations from a video game called RuneScape and the floating islands that were home to several quests.

I had gone through several ideas of ways to conquer this project, first starting with the idea of a city scape, then a city overgrown, lastly with a jungle theme. Which was then incorporated with the idea of floating islands.

The final idea for this piece is a sort of island based groves or farm patches, this one specifically responsible for coconuts. Each island with their own keep living in a simple hut.

Blog Post #1:

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art has a wide selection of pieces of display in several galleries. Many of the pieces currently on display would be considered pop culture.

There was a piece done by Andy Warhol called the Siberian Tiger done in 1983. Which was a part of his collection Endangered Species, a portfolio of ten animal portraits that were nearing extinction.

The Siberian Tiger gave off such a sense of power behind it. The colors were very bright and strong with traces of metallic gold and silver outlines. Making an illusion as if the tiger was popping off the silkscreen. This piece brings about memories of summer from the colors. Along with an image of security or safety.

Andy Warhol mostly used bright and primary colors in his art. He was a fan of red, yellow and blue colors and used them in combination in many of his paintings.